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Compensation with construction coefficient

The purpose of this procedure aims to enable the applicant's compensation with construction coefficients when monetary compensation is not possible.

Waiving the right of property

The purpose of this procedure is to enable when necessary the transfer of property from private into public property

Request for the validated copy of expropriation, and deexpropriation documents

Equipping citizens with the necessary documents in case of expropriation and deexpropriation

Purchase of Apartments under Tenure Right

The purpose of this procedure is to enable the citizens to purchase municipality owned apartments.

Access to documents

Equipping citizens and institutions with material proof for conducting various administrative and judicial procedures.

Request for releasing usurped municipal property

Release of usurped municipal property

Property Tax Payment Confirmation

Property tax collection. Providing citizens with proof for the paid property tax which may constitute necessary documents for a major number of municipal serves.

Transaction of property

Through this procedure the purchaser of the immovable property registers the same under his/her name.

Payment of road tax for motorized vehicles

The main purpose of this administrative procedure is to enable the applicants to pay the required road tax to register their vehicles