Tax to exercise a business activity

Purpose: The aim of this permit is the exercise of various business activities i.e. retail and wholesale, artisanal, hotelier, banking activities, insurances, shops, postal and banking services, games of fortune, etc.

Description: The applicant initially files a request enclosed with the respective documents at the reception office and then the case is submitted to the Directorate of Finance and Local Development. The Directorate of Economy and Local Development reviews the application within a 15 time limit and then decides to grant or not the permit to exercise a business activity.

Legal basis

  • Regulation on Municipal Tariffs, Fees and Fines

Validity of procedure administrative: 1 year

Information requested

  • Personal information of the applicant
  • Information on the business entity
  • Purpose of application
  • Documents attached

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 30

Documents requested

  • Business Registration Certificate (Copy)
Payment typeAmount (in Euro)Method of paymentAccount number
Tax 1. Distribution of electricity 1,000 EUR; 2. Water collection, purification and distribution 1,000 EUR; 3. New motor vehicle trade 700 EUR; 4. Second hand motor vehicle trade 300 EUR; 5. Retail petroleum products and lubricants (urban zones) 1,000 EUR; 6. Retail petroleum products and lubricants (rural zones) 500 EUR; 7. Wholesale sellers of orthopedic and dental supplies 500 EUR; 8. Retail sellers of pharmaceutical products 250 EUR; 9. Catering companies (hotels) 1000 EUR 10. Motels 300 EUR 11. Postal and telephone communication activity 1,000 EUR; 12. Postal - telephone services 200 EUR; 13. Banks 1,000 EUR; 14. Micro-finance institutions 500 EUR; 15. Automotive, property and personal insurance companies 1,000 EUR; 16. Physical security for buildings and persons 300 EUR; 17. Casinos and Games of Chance 2,000 EUR; 18. Betting 500 EUR; 19. Slot machines (Games of Chance) 300 EUR; 20. Business organization units shall pay 30% of the basic fee;Banking transfer1000650230000060

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