Filtro kërkimin

Plotësoni fushat e mëposhtme për të filtruar kërkimin e lejeve dhe licencave

Taxi Permit

The purpose of this permit is the manner of performing and organizing the transportation of passengers with taxies in Prishtina municipality, the basic and supplementary conditions that shall be met b...

Permit for cutting timber in privately owned forests

The aim of this permit is to protect and professionally manage forests and forest plots, through the permanent supervision of the timber marking, follow up and forest order after the conclusion of the...

Permit for special transportation

The aim of this permit is the transportation of pupils and students, from their residence to the school institution and back, as well as employees to work and back.

Tax to exercise a business activity

The aim of this permit is the exercise of various business activities i.e. retail and wholesale, artisanal, hotelier, banking activities, insurances, shops, postal and banking services, games of fortu...

Permit for urban public transportation - busses

The purpose of this permit is the citizens' safe bus transportation.

Subsidies in agriculture

The aim of subsidies is to support agriculture in various fields, i.e. vegetables, arboriculture, wheat, cattle, sheep, goats, chicken, etc.

Request to extend business working hours

Permitting work beyond the working hours of a business.

Municipal fee certificate for business activities

Acquiring a municipal fee certificate for tenders.

Certificate on livestock activities

The document is issued for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

Application for the certificate that the family does not own a business

The certificate is issued as evidence for cases of social assistance, student scholarships etc.