Filtro kërkimin

Plotësoni fushat e mëposhtme për të filtruar kërkimin e lejeve dhe licencave

Construction legalization permit

The purpose of this procedure is the legalization of non-permitted constructions.

Construction Permit

The purpose of this permit is the construction of buildings according to standards.

Extending the construction permit

The purpose of this permit is to construct buildings pursuant to standards and observe the time limit of the granted permit

Demolition permit

The aim is to establish the conditions for high constructions in individual properties

Application for construction conditions

The issuing of the construction conditions introduces to the applicants the criteria and procedures for acquiring a construction permit and also ensure that urban conditions are observed.

Certificate of Use

The aim of this procedure is to put construction buildings in the use of interested applicants

Municipal Environmental Permit

Protection of the environment pursuant to the envisaged standards during the construction of various buildings.

Information from the Regulatory Plan

The aim of this procedure is to notify the citizens about their plots and method of use

Transformation of agricultural land into construction land

The aim of this administrative procedure is to transform agricultural into construction land. Upon receiving the construction conditions the applicant is instructed to apply at the DUCEP to change the...


The purpose of this administrative procedure consists in marking the points of cadastral plots

The application to transform the designation of cadastral plots from residential space into business premises and vice versa

This procedure ensures the use of immovable property for various purposes, in this case for either residential or business purposes

Assessment of damages caused from war consequences

The aim of this procedure is to compensate the material damages of the war in 1999.

Application for general information

This procedure aims to notify the citizens on the things they should be notified about through other administrative procedures or even issues that are not under the directorate's competency at all.

Proposal for construction conditions

This procedure aims to determine the construction conditions for the areas for which there is no urban development plan