Registration of servitude from the Registry of Immovable Property Rights (in cases when the servitude had a time limit)

Qëllimi: Registration of the servitude and notification of third parties.

Përshkrimi: The applicant receives the form to fill out at the Center for Services to Citizens, then submit the filled out form with all the required documents at the Center for Services to Citizens and this authority issues a proof (certificate for the submitted application) to the applicant. The case is transferred to the Directorate for Cadastre, which within the legal time limit after confirming the submitted documents renders the act (decision) to register the servitude. The Center for Services to Citizens notifies the administrative act to the applicants. Then the same may apply for a certificate of ownership

Baza ligjore

  • Administrative Instruction No. 08/2014 on Service Tariffs for Registration of Immovable Property Rights at Municipal Cadastral Offices

Vlefshmëria e procedurës administrative: Permanent

Informatat e kërkuara

  • Name and Surname
  • Personal Number
  • Home address
  • Protocol No.
  • Date of application
  • Telephone No.
  • E-mail
  • Type of Request

Koha e parashikuar brenda së cilës duhet të jepet përgjigje për proceduren (në ditë): 15

Dokumentacioni i kërkuar

  • ID Card (Copy)
  • Authorization in case that applicant(s) are not parties involved in procedure (identification of the party) (Copy)
  • Certificate to identify the real estate - cadastral unit (certificate for the person or the cadastral unit) (Copy)
  • Copy of Plan (Copy)
  • Court decision or another legally recognized document, as regulated by law (Original)
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